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Wed, February 07, 2018 • Dr. Sketchy’s Baltimore is next week with Kahlee Flower!

Join us for (what we hope will finally be) the first Baltimore Dr. Sketchy's life drawing event of 2018, featuring the beautiful Kahlee Flower! Bring your sketchbook and your favorite drawing supplies and get ready to be inspired by this amazing lady! Kahlee will also treat us all to a special performance halfway through this fun night of drinks and drawing.

And, as usual, we'll have some wacky contests with great prizes from Blick Art Materials. No drawing experience is necessary, so don't sweat it if you think your sketches are barely above stick figures—just come and have fun practicing!

Here's a little more about your muse for the evening:

"Welcome to the Kahlee Flower experience! This Melanated Light working Diasporic Superstar serves libations to nature while moving through rhythmic space. Kahlee Flower, the burlesque performance alter ego of Nicola Uatuva, is an expression of cathartic ecstacy in the ascension process—through intuitive downloads that guide her burlesque storytelling, Kahlee employs a deep and unapologetic self awareness, a healing that's revealing, and very warm feelings. Her inspiration is everyday magic, social evolution, and sacred space. She is also a nutrition entrepreneur, plant based light worker + priestess of experiences! Witness her flow, and free yourself!"

Kahlee's past dance performances include: "Live From Lovers Rock" A Tribute to Sade - EMP Collective (2016), "The Oracle and The Orisha" Akimbo Dance Festival (2015), "Love Ascension" Artist Compounds “Ignite! Dance” (2015), Invisible Majority - Flow & Arts Movement Workshop (2015), BMA 100 year anniversary - LabBodies (2014).

BTW, if you're bummed (as we really are!) that some icy weather forced us to cancel our January session with Tempete La Coeur, don't worry—we'll reschedule Tempete as soon as we can, so check back on our page for updates!


Photo of Kahlee Flower courtesy of Wendel Patrick,

Doors at 6, start at 7. 18+ to draw, 21+ to drink.

Show up early to get a good seat.

$12 at the door, $10 if you buy by midnight the night before.

(Please note: advance sales are nonrefundable.)

No photography or messy paints, please (watercolors are fine).

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